Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Match Made In High School by Kristin Walker

Reading level: Young Adult
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Razorbill
Release Date: February 4, 2010
Language: English
Source: Around The World Tours

Synopsis: When a mandatory course forces Fiona to “try the knot” with super-jock Todd Harding, she’s convinced life could not possibly get any worse. Until moments later, when her long-time crush is paired with her arch-enemy (otherwise known as Todd’s obscenely hot, slightly sadistic girlfriend). But that’s nothing compared to her best friend’s fate – a year with the very shy, very goofy, very big Johnny Mercer.

A series of hilarious pranks and misunderstandings leave Fiona wondering: is there something her supposed “best friend” hasn’t told her? Could there be more to Johnny Mercer than a deep voice and an awesome music collection? And perhaps most intriguing of all, is it possible that Todd Harding could actually have a heart – and a brain – beneath his pretty-boy exterior?

The idea of being forcibly "married" to someone you hate for one year is a rather scary thought isn't it? This is precisely what happens to Fiona Sheehan, our geeky, sarcastic, I-don't-give-a-crap-about-you-think-of-me! main character. Paired up with her "husband" Todd Harding, a popular male cheerleader, Fiona doesn't think it could get any worse-but of course it does-when Todd's gorgeous cheerleader girlfriend gets Gabe Webber, Fee's long-time crush. With her diploma dangling in the process, Fee's stuck with Todd and forced to endure one year of "holy" (hellish) matrimony.

Within the first few pages I was hooked; Fiona had such a strong, witty personality that it was hard to ignore her. (which basically means I couldn't put the book down!) In high school, everyone's guilty of being judgemental and Fee's no exception. She makes quick judgement calls on everybody she knows but Todd calls her out on it. The bantering and pranks between these two were hilarious! Whenever Fiona was especially snarky, she reminded me a little of Jessica Darling (who is the queen of snark). I kept laughing out loud when they'd have their fights. Every character had a great personality, even the minor ones like Sam, the little girl Fiona babysits. The added element of a surprise romance made the story even more enjoyable. But when it comes down to it, A Match Made in High School is really about Fiona learning to see people for who they are and not what they seem to be (a high school lesson that everyone learns at some point).

Kristin Walker managed to create this funny, wildly entertaining story with a good lesson to be learned. This is easily one of my favorites of the year and definetely pre-order worthy :)

Rating: 5.0


  1. Awesome review!! I can't wait to read this.

  2. 5?.... wow... It must be really really good... and now I want to read it xD... Nice review ^^

  3. This book sounds great! I love the cover. That's a hard lesson to learn.

  4. Great review! This sounds a lot better than the title led me to believe. I usually steer clear of high schooly, jocks and cheerios type books because the characters can be so cliche, but this sounds really funny! :)

  5. Woah, I thought this book was about well highschool, but after your review? I want to read it so bad now! Thanks, thanks a lot. *Grins* Just playing.

  6. Sounds and looks ADORABLE! I think it's sort of obvious what will happen, but it sounds like a cute high school story all the same. Definitely will have to read this one; thanks for the great review! :)

  7. This book looks so cute. after reading the summary i was hooked. Can't wait 2 read it!

  8. A five? Wow! Hmm... crap. So many books that I want to read. Oh well, what's one more to a list this big? lol! Great review!

    Btw, I'm surprised you're up for any reading challenges. I'm only in high school and don't have nearly as much spare time as I would like. I can't imagine what college will be like. However you manage to go to school and keep up an amazing blog like this is beyond me. It's inspiring, really. :)

  9. forcibly married for a year to someone you hate - AGH!!!!!!!!! That would be HORRIBLE!
    The book looks cute and entertaining, but I can't help but wonder if it will annoy me. I still want to read it, though. :-)

  10. This looks so cute! Just added it to be tbr list.

  11. I can't wait to read this one.