Friday, August 13, 2010

Interview with Author Emma Michaels!

I'd like to welcome Emma Michaels, debut author of the The Thirteenth Chime (which is officially out today!) to my blog! She has kindly stopped by to answer some of my questions :)

If there was someone thinking about buying your novel and you’re next to them-what would you say to convince them to buy it? (Of course, you can’t say you’re the author-that’d be cheating!)
I would tell the person that in my opinion it is a very unique and interesting book written by a chocolate-lover *laughs* and then I would also point out really great books that I had recently read by other authors that I felt the person might be interested in checking out. Though of course I would still hope they got mine!

What I find fascinating is that you were a book blogger before you became an author-what made you decide to try blogging and how has it affected your writing of The Thirteenth Chime?
I began blogging because I loved to read and I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on books with others. A wonderful plus for me is that not only have I been fortunate enough to converse and share thoughts and feelings with other bloggers, but with the blog readers too. I don't think it has directly affected the writing of "The Thirteenth Chime", but I do find that it has really helped inspire me to follow my dreams because it showed me just how much novels could mean to everyone. They had always meant so much to me and it was such a blessing to realize, that is was the same for so many others. It really made the journey more livable, every time I would feel like giving up I would just remember how much my book might one day mean to someone and that if I could do that for even one person, it would be worth it.

The Thirteenth Chime has such an awesome cover-were there any other images for it before it had its official cover?
This is the original cover with only a few minor revisions. I had an image in mind of what I wanted and I was fortunate in that not only was my publisher excited about the proposed idea, but the artist they found made a very beautiful cover. It matches the book perfectly!

It’s amazing that you’re finally published! I know that the work to get to where you are now is an arduous process. How’d you manage to stay on task?
I didn't give up, and trust me, there were times the impulse crossed my mind. I received well over a hundred standard form rejections from agents before I decided to start querying publishers directly. So for everyone out there who found themselves in the same place I was, don't give up! It is worth it to keep trying even if you don't succeed, because you never have to look back and regret. You can always know you tried your hardest and who knows! Maybe one day you will be the one being interviewed and giving advice to future authors! If you love something, you should never give up on it. Never.

What type of research did you have to do for The Thirteenth Chime?
After my initial idea, I started researching multiple subjects. I traveled to different places, including the port town, Steilacoom, where the novel is based. I talked to several dozen people and interviewed them about their jobs and lives. The researching of grandfather clocks was very interesting, as I wanted to be sure that all of my facts were correct. I hope the results will speak for itself, and I hope that potential fans will enjoy reading "The Thirteenth Chime" as much as I did in writing it.

Did you have any critique partners while you were writing or did you just keep the story to yourself until you started querying?
The only people to get to see the full manuscript was my fiance and my father until my editor read it. A few pages were made available to a handful of agents, but other than that, I am very protective of my writing, mostly because I don't enjoy criticism *laughs*

I know Tamora Pierce is one of your favorite authors and that she’s been very influential in your journey as a writer and a reader-what would you do if you found out that she actually read The Thirteenth Chime?
I think I would jump for joy out of excitement!! This was the author who not only got me hooked on reading YA, but inspired me to write - I would be very excited. Unless she didn't like it. Then I think it would be time, for the first time in years, to go out and get a tub of ice cream.

What would be the ideal environment for you when it comes to writing?
My writing desk! It is my sanctuary and special space where I can sit and write with my Chihuahua on my lap.

Do you have any other interests besides writing? :)
Oh my, time to bore you *laughs* I love reading (naturally) and doing any kind of craft with my hands. I love to draw. I enjoy working out, biking, hiking and yoga.

Are there any projects you’re working on currently?
Definitely! I am already working on some ideas to a potential sequel to "The Thirteenth Chime". I also have another series in the works and a stand-alone novel. As long as potential fans want to keep reading, I'll keep writing!

If you could live in any fictional book world, which book would you choose and why?
One where I wouldn't die quickly *laughs* A nice, harmless and fun world. No fairy tales... there are always wolves in grandmother's clothing or wicked witches and sharp pointy objects like spindles. Hmmm... I guess I would forgo the chance for fear of my life, unless it was the world of Harry Potter, just because I would want to give Hermione a run for her money when it comes to studying and the school subjects seem like things I would really enjoy getting to study if they were within the realm of possibility. I can think of many other worlds from many other novels, especially by Tamora Pierce, but very much like Tris from The Circle of Magic, I have a BIG tendency to get in trouble (especially when trying to do good or help someone).

Thank you so much for the interview and to everyone reading! I hope you all will love The Thirteenth Chime!!!! Your support means so much to me!

Thanks for taking your time to stop by on my site! :D I wish you the best of luck with your writing career and happy release day!! If you're curious to know more about Emma, her official site is here and if you want to chat with Emma, today she'll be on twitter hosting a release party for her book! She'll be there from 4PM -10PM Central.