Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Tour: Interview with Mackie Doyle

I've decided to work side by side withThe Teen {Book} Scene once again for another fantastic tour! I'm very happy to welcome Mackie Doyle, the main character of Brenna Yovanoff's debut novel, The Replacement. Mackie's been kind enough to stop by today as a guest and tolerate me as I badger him with some of my questions :)

Your parents never shunned you but do you think they may sometimes blame you for their son's disappearance?
I don't want to sound ungrateful because he's really done a lot for me, but sometimes I think my dad does. It's just that I can't really imagine how he could know what happened and not feel that way. At least a little?

Emma is, for a lack of a better word, an amazing older sister. Is there a particularly special memory of her that you could share with us?
Seriously, Emma is amazing. She's always been a really great sister and there's a ton of things I could say about her, but this is the big one: when I was little, the way I knew that she loved me was how when we'd go fishing, she really hated to touch the nightcrawlers, but she would always bait my hook for me anyway. (Aww. That's really sweet of her!)

Your name is Malcolm but everyone refers to you as Mackie. Who gave you that nickname?
That's something that my best friend Roswell started calling me in elementary school and it just stuck. At first it was a little weird, but I really don't mind it. That's kind of who I am now.

Gentry is an odd town to live in. Have you ever considered leaving it?
I used to, all the time. But the thing is, I don't really know where I would go. Yeah, Gentry's weird and pretty scary sometimes, but it's where I live and I can't really imagine living someplace else.

Knowing both of the worlds that you come from, can you say that you know who you are now with certainty?
Maybe not with certainty, and maybe not every day, but enough to feel real, and like myself most of the time. It's getting better.

Wow. I love that last response. Thank you for the wonderful interview, Mackie!

Interested in learning more about Mackie? Check out {Brenna's website} and dive into the world Brenna's created in The Replacement. I read Mackie's story a while ago and it's still blowing my mind with how stunning and eerily wonderful it was.

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