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Writer interview with Emy Shin!

I'm psyched to have Emy Shin here on the blog today to kick-start what I hope will be an enduring feature here at PPR--writer interviews! I really enjoy reading them which is why I decided to invite aspiring writers who have hopes of achieving publication one day to my site--so first up is Emy!I hope you guys enjoy the interview & here are some links you can visit her at:

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What initially sparked your interest in writing? Was it from reading so many books and then deciding to write your own stories?

Yes, definitely. For me, writing is intricately tied to reading. That's where I get my inspirations. One of my earliest ideas came after reading Harry Potter for the first time. (Can you guess what it was about? ;)) (I would imagine it'd have to do with a wizarding school ♥)

What’s your current status? Are you still writing out stories, are you querying, etc.?

I'm still writing, but I am eternally hopeful that I'll be entering the query trenches soon. (I'm sure you'll get there soon!)

It says in your profile over at Paper Hangover that you’re a biochemistry student. How do you make time for writing when you have to study and whatnot?

I am a terrible multi-tasker. During the school year, I would strive to write a little each week -- but come weeks with a project, two papers, and three exams due and you'll see me holed up in the library pulling all-nighters and not touching my manuscripts at all. I'd be too worried about failing my courses to do anything else. That's why I would try to take advantage of down time in easier weeks. (I can sooo relate to this. I mastered the art of pulling all-nighters in college.)

I read on your blogger profile (yes, I read everything) that you write YA fantasy and science fiction. Can you tell us what your stories are about? (And can we read a sample or two of your work?) :D

I've just, perhaps not very intelligently, thrown away and completely restarted my current WiP (holy crap O_O), so unfortunately, I don't have any polished samples to share. But I can share that it's a futuristic YA about the girl who time-travels seven years to the past, only to run into the teenaged version of the man she killed in the future. (Oooh, I'm VERY intrigued by the premise--it's a shame that we can't read any samples though!)

Besides writing, do you have any other creative outlets?

I do draw. Not well, but I do work on a few sketches every now and then.

Writing is a difficult task that frustrates many eager writers into quitting before they even get anywhere. How do you keep on going?

By reading a lot of great books. They can be confidence-shattering, but, at the same time, they make you want to forge on to hopefully one day write something just as great. Also, it's really difficult to quit when you are constantly inundated with Shiny New Ideas from reading..

What’s your writing process like? Do you use outlines, note cards or just leave it all to chance?

I'm a part-plotter, part-pantser. I would let an idea percolate before writing, and would have key scenes worked out, but I don't have a complete outline before I begin.

What comes to you first: the characters or the story?

They often come to be at the same time -- certain type of character in a particular situation.

Some writers have to be in a certain place or have a certain object with them at all times as they’re working. Do you have any writing quirks?

No, I don't have any tried-and-true writing quirks. But I do have occasional ones. Sometimes, I need absolute silence to write, and others, some music. Sometimes, I have to sit at my desk, and others, I like to sprawl on my bed. It depends on the Muse.

How would you describe your writing style?

My initial writing would often be too verbose, but I have the tendency to overcensor myself and end up too concise. :)

What are some of your favorite books that you’ve read lately?

You already know this, but I'm currently reading DAUGHTER OF SMOKE & BONE by Laini Taylor. It is simply exquisite. (It is. Laini Taylor has an incredible way of writing. Readers, you should totally pick this book up once it's available!)

What do you prefer as a reader: a plot-driven or character-driven novel?

Oh, difficult question. I don't suppose I can say both? ;) (You can--I was just testing you, hehe) A good plot with lackluster characters will compell me to read on. But memorable characters in a less-than-stellar plot will stick with me longer -- if I actually manage to finish the novel.

How did the idea for Paper Hangover (which has an awesome name, by the way) come about? And what do you hope to accomplish by maintaining this blog?

It was initially Holly and Hannah's ideas, and the rest of us were recruited prior to Paper Hangover's opening. We hope for it to be a source of information for YA writers and readers, providing both writing tips and reading recommendations.

Check 'em out!
  Lastly, what do you hope to accomplish as a writer?

:) I have way too many writing dreams to list -- but a personal goal of mine is to write a book that teenage me would have fallen hopelessly in love with.

That is a beautiful goal--and I'm sure that it, along with the others, will be accomplished. Thank you, Emy, for taking the time to answer my questions and for being a willing guinea pig er, participant for this new writer interview series I'm working on. I wish you all the best on your literary journey! :)

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