Saturday, October 19, 2013

Series recommendation: Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

I've been trying for weeks now to write up reviews for this series because I decided to try reading the first book a few weeks ago and then I zoomed through the first three like that! *snaps fingers* I figured why not talk about the first three books in list form because it's faster, easier for me to type and for you to read as well as entertaining. (I hope.)
10 Reasons Why You Should Read This Series:
1) Heather Wells is an ex-pop star who lost everything because she gained weight. However, she's not trying to recapture her past or lose weight. Heather is who she is, and I love that.
2) If you liked reading the Queen of Babble series, you'll enjoy this series just as much (if not more).
3) The series has a little of everything: seriousness, romance, funny moments and best of all mysteries!
4) This ties in with #3 but basically Heather uses her sleuthing skills to solve murders and gets into some scary situations. (But she always makes it out in time!)
5) Heather Wells might be your spirit animal.
6) All of the supporting characters are really funny, and each have their own stories that get touched upon throughout the series--no one is forgotten! Yay.
7) You also meet Cooper, Heather Wells' roommate/landlord who's a PI and her ex-boyfriend's brother. Did I mention that Heather also has a massive crush on the guy? o.o
8) Heather always mentions food and um, I always want to have what she's eating. Dem dove bars ;O
9) You will zoom through every book in one sitting! They're like popcorn, or pringles. You can't stop at just one. I'm already on #4.
10) It's Meg Cabot. WHEN do you say no to reading a Meg Cabot book? Never, that's when. >:D


  1. "Like popcorn, or pringles. You can't stop at just one."
    I LOVE that line.
    GREAT post.
    I must check out this series.

  2. YAY! I'm glad you liked the Heather Wells books. I just read the fifth one and loved it!! :D