Saturday, June 20, 2009

In My Mailbox 4

Reading dead until dark first so I can get a head-start on the Sookie Stackhouse challenge! I didn't purposely align the books in how thick each were; it just seems to have happened that way! But that's the order of which I'm reading.... I've noticed that I get really anxious when I have a huge pile of books to read. (whether I have to read them or not) It's weird, I get overwhelmed for some reason and have to chuck some books back into the return bin at the library...even though I really wanted to read them. I used to be able to plow through books easily. I'd be like: Five books? hah! give me a week. three books? cake. TWO? A joke.
Now I can't do that anymore; I think it's because I've decided to take reading slower and enjoy the content of the book. I'm actually absorbing the words and relishing the experience of reading. I like it better this way, although I miss the way I used to read twenty thousand books at lightning-speed. I wonder, have any of you gone through this before? And is it just a phase?
Also, I was wondering: does anyone have any complaints with how I review? Are there changes that you all think I should make? I've seen how other reviewers (like the book pixie or the story siren, for example) break the book down and rate things by category. Characters, plot, ending, cover, etc. I don't know if I could do that, I'd feel like I was tearing the book apart piece by piece. However, I do admire reviewers that can grade books like that. I can't imagine having to view a book analytically. (which is why I would never become an english teacher). I like reading the story, enjoy what the characters bring into the mix and then write up a review, gushing on how great (or horrible) the book was.
Whoaaaa. LONG In My Mailbox post, hah. But I wanted to address these things and hopefully you guys will give me your honest opinion.


  1. I loved City of Bones, I gave it 5 stars.
    In a way I can relate to what your saying because I go through two phases of and on all the time. One phase is when I can read very fast and then the second is when I can't and I have to read the sentances over and over again to fully understand their meaning.
    I myself don't like to break down/rate the book. But it is interesting when people do.
    I'd say sticking with the format you usually review with is good.
    Happy reading!

  2. City of bones=LOVE.

    I like the way you review, It's similar to the way I do as well! I get too emotionally attached to my books to break it down that way... There would be too much fluff. So, I stick with a review and rating. Everyone reviews differently! Keep up your fabulous blog! ;)

  3. The Awakening looks amazing!

    I like the way you review. Especially the summaries. I'm finding that I've started to slow down the pace I read as well. Knowing that I have to somewhat intelligently relate my thoughts on it makes me pay more attention. I think reading a little slower has made me a better reader.

  4. Hmmm, I hope you review The Sookie Stackhouse book. I love, love, love the tv series of True Blood, but not entirely sure about the books, considering I haven't even picked one up. ;-)

    I'm the same way when it comes to a pile of books stacked up. I get really excited about books, and when their's a stack of them, I get overwhelmed and am unable to focus on the one book that I'm reading at the time.

    And I like your reviewing style very much. I know how some people break a book down to catagories, but I feel the same way as you do. My only advice is that you continue to keep doing what you're doing. =)

    BTW, I loved the movie version of Speak. Though I thought the book was better than the movie, I still thought it was well done.

  5. I so want to read The City of Bones series, they sound so good. So does The Sookie Stackhouse series. True Blood is an awesome show, I'm just afraid that reading the books will spoil the suspense of the series. I'll probably pick them up a little later though.

    Happy reading!! =D

  6. I LOOOOVE SOOKIE!!!!!!!!! and city of bones also ^^

    Good week!!

  7. I have to get my shit together and read the Sookie books. I've always meant to, but when True Blood got all the hype, I put it off.

    Also, I just found your blog so I won't comment on how you review.

    I got through phases where I read 10 books at once, and then time when I read one book a week (or less). It's a personal thing and you'll find different reading modes fit you at different times.


  8. Response to your comment: You're so very lucky. I still have three years of Highschool left. =( I'm entering my sophmore year.

    What plans do you have after highschool?

  9. City of Bones is absolutely amazing. In fact, the whole series is! Happy reading!

  10. I really enjoyed City of Bones, and I actually just got the second book in the trilogy. Happy reading!

  11. City of Bones! I love that series. Can't wait to see what you think!

  12. I got City of Bones last week! I haven't read it yet but I've heard nothing but great things about it. I hope we both enjoy it!


  13. I got City of Bones a while ago, but I have yet to get around to reading it. D= I can't wait, though. It looks like a really good book.

    By the way, it would be most amazing if I could somehow borrow D100D for a while. XD

  14. Great books! I loved the Mortal Instruments series, so I hope you like them. I still haven't read The Summoning or the Awakening yet.

  15. Oh; and you have 28 followers! When did this happen? XDD

  16. Great books you got this week, I'm doing the sookie stackhouse challenge too. Enjoy.

  17. I do go through periods of time when I read slower- sometimes its best so a really awesome book doesnt end too fast!

  18. Okay, I'm taking a guess here. ESL teacher means Elementary school library teacher? I'll be amazed if I got that right. (haha)

    Freshmen year was okay, though I have nothing to compare it with. =P I'm pretty much the same way. Always have my head in a book and painfully shy...

    We had testing this year, but every state calls it something different. Arizona, (Or atleast in my school district) we call it 'Terranova'.

    And I think True Blood is amazing. It's my favorite tv series. Though, because it's HBO, there is a lot of nudity and sexualy content. Just a warning. ;-P

  19. New York? I always think of the big city when I hear that. You live in New York city or the state?

    Oh, wow. I would have never guessed ESL meant English second language. (lol) That's really cool though. To go into something that really helped you as a kid. Very cool.

    Yep, True Blood is out. =) And you're right. There are definately a lot of shows like that. haha.

  20. I can definately see it being chaotc. But it would seem like an interesting experiance.

  21. I think I'm going to start on the Sookie Stackhouse challenge too, I LOVE LOVE the TV show and I'm already half way through Dead Until Dark and it's AMAZING!!!

  22. I hope you like Dead Until Dark, I ABSOLUTELY love True Blood! I didn't realize my URL was being difficult thanks for the heads up. :)