Monday, April 14, 2014

Interrupting my self-imposed hiatus.... bring this really awesome web series to your attention!

I had no idea this web series was around until a good friend of mine texted me to watch Classic Alice. (If you're thinking that this is a modern adaption of Alice in Wonderland, then I'm sorry to disappoint! But I had the same thought initially.)

In a nutshell, Classic Alice is the story of a girl named (you guessed it!) Alice who receives a bad grade on her English paper and resolves that in order to write better and understand characters, she decides to live out the lives of the characters from classic novels. If that doesn't sound amazing, then I highly recommend just watching the series. The first 6 episodes are up and are really fun. I'll even save you the trouble and link the first episode here:

But that's not all... I'm writing this post not only to inform you about this great series but that it needs help!! They are on kickstarter in order to raise money so that they can create some more fantastic episodes and I'm so happy to report that they're more than halfway to their target goal. If you'd like to see this fun web series continue, you can click here to donate. Or if you want to spread the word about Classic Alice, that is just as helpful!

Update: THEY REACHED THEIR GOAL. Actually, this team surpassed it!!! HURRAY. I'm so happy!!!!

Just thought you all should know about this series. There are only six episodes but those episodes have proven to be really great and I hope this series develops further because it has the potential to be AMAZEBALLS. Also, I think I'll need something to go to after The Autobiography of Jane Eyre ends. (HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING? Every week it gets better omg.)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's that time of year again...

Testing! Regents! And it's ELA next week.
I thought I would have time to have a life outside of teaching but BOY was I wrong. I know I'll get the hang of it eventually but as a newbie teacher, having to deal with over 20 ESL students, teaching them, grading their work, following them into their other classes AND making sure that I have separate lessons for the ones who aren't taking the ELA exam (no more watching movies, alas)'s been a tough semester. But I'll get there. If the radio silence hasn't been answer enough, I'll write it out here: I won't be posting until after May.  I have so much on my plate already and I don't want reading or blogging to become a chore ;(  I've been so consumed with school work and whatnot that I don't think I can lend any more neurons to blogging about books...which makes me sad but for now, that's the reality. What  really sucks is that I had some great books to recommend but hey, at least I can tweet about them right?
So I'll see you all in May. And for anyone out there who's a parent, hug your kid and tell them that the exams aren't scary, they can rock it and that even if they make mistakes, they can always do better tomorrow.
Sorry. Had to put that out there, what with being a teacher and all ;)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Survival is the name of the game

Look, I'm buried under papers!

Now that I WANT to come back to blogging more, I find that I barely have the time to. Isn't it funny how life works sometimes? Between creating lessons for history, science and English, grading exams and doing all the other human necessities such as sleeping and eating, I have had no time at all to read for pleasure. And it stinks :(

But what I'm also realizing from my student teaching is that teachers in general do SO much for our kids today. I had respect for my teachers before but now that I'm in their shoes, I find that my respect and admiration for all educators has gone up tremendously. If you can, tell your teachers thank you. Send them notes or flowers on Teacher's Day this upcoming May. They really deserve our gratitude and the best way to show it is by telling them. Or you know, sending them a gift card to Starbucks or Amazon. Just some friendly suggestions ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine.

Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: April 1st, 2014
I didn't ask for any of this. I didn't ask to be some kind of hero.
But when your whole life gets swept up by a tornado—taking you with it—you have no choice but to go along, you know?

Sure, I've read the books. I've seen the movies. I know the song about the rainbow and the happy little blue birds. But I never expected Oz to look like this. To be a place where Good Witches can't be trusted, Wicked Witches may just be the good guys, and winged monkeys can be executed for acts of rebellion. There's still the yellow brick road, though—but even that's crumbling.

What happened?
Dorothy. They say she found a way to come back to Oz. They say she seized power and the power went to her head. And now no one is safe.

My name is Amy Gumm—and I'm the other girl from Kansas.
I've been recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked.
I've been trained to fight.
And I have a mission:
Remove the Tin Woodman's heart.
Steal the Scarecrow's brain.
Take the Lion's courage.
Then and only then—Dorothy must die

Doesn't that sound SO GOOD??? I'll admit that I've never finished watching the Wizard of Oz (it always bored me) but this retelling sounds amazing and LOOK AT THAT COVER. I wantz.