Monday, June 1, 2009


I managed to finish both Ink Exchange and Skunk Girl at the same time.
hmmmm. Maybe I fell into a wormhole? But I digress.... today when I got home from school I logged on and my jaw nearly dropped when I saw that I had ten comments. Ten! I was expecting four, five at most! So I'd like to express my gratitude for all of you that comment. It's hard to start a book blog. There's thousands of them out there and it's more than just a little intimidating! I was hesitant but I decided why not, I needed an outlet! It makes me happy to know that you guys take your time to visit my humble little blog (which will get a layout change eventually...I'm getting tired of the current one I have). It means a lot knowing that my words are being read and not getting lost in the vast world that is the internet.

Simply said, thank you. :)


  1. I know, its so hard :s

    And to get people interested in your blog, when you are so new at it, trust me im having hard times trying to promote blog as well xD

    And then you go and visit those blogs with more people and are just like, and what am I doing wrong?!?!!

    sad, but true lol


  2. Ahh! I just finished Ink Exchange as well! My review should be up later today~ Can't wait to see what you thought about it!