Saturday, July 25, 2009

In My Mailbox 8

Wow, ok.

So blogger's being REALLY MEAN and not letting me show you pictures of my brand new books I'll be reading. I'm afraid I'll have to make it boring and just give you a list:

Goddess Boot Camp-Tera Lynn Childs (I missed Phoebe's voice! The stuff she gets into is hilarious)

The Summoning-Kelley Armstrong (Finally got this took forever to get here when I requested it from my library over two weeks ago.)

A Map of the Known World-Lisa Ann Sandell. (No one knows how long I waited for this one!)

Also, I've been thinking about ordering some books online since I gots me some gift cards x]. Has anyone ever ordered books on Borders/B&N/Amazon? Maybe one of you can tell me which one's the best :]


  1. Those are all three books I REALLY wanna read. Especially A Map of the Known World since I loved Lisa's other book Song of the Sparrow. Great week and happy reading. BTW, my IMM post is up in case your interested.

    ~Briana :D

  2. Blogger is being mean to me too-- it's not letting me paste summaries! I'm from Canada and so I use ALL THE TIME. But my mom cancelled the account because I was spending too much money there. All the books you got I want to read. Happy reading!

  3. You got some good ones. I personally didn't like A Map of the Known World, but you may. I do want to read those other two though...

  4. Did you get some weird message about you have used x gb of your storage space? I got that today too and tried to upload pic about 7 times before it finally worked. I went into last years posts and removed a few book covers. No way am I paying Google for more space.

  5. Map of the Known World looks so cool! I love the cover. I hate it when the library takes forever to get a book. I always get so nervous.

    I've only bought books off of Amazon, and it was pretty easy. You can get free shipping on most stuff for orders over $25.


    Thats what i do anyways... Lol

    Aw stupid blogger not letting you show pics *wishes blogger doesn't take offence and lets her, and me, show pics*

  7. I love Greek mythology, so I've been thinking about getting Oh.My.Gods for a while. Hope you enjoy Goddess Boot Camp!

  8. Lot of blogger issues lately T_T

    The Summoning however is lovely! ^_^ Hope you enjoy it!

  9. This is a really nice list =) I really want to get The Summoning but being a poor college kid and all lol. But these all look really good!

  10. Oh Btw I love amazon and borders but at amazon you gotta make sure the book you get is in good condition at borders you do not have to worry about that =)

  11. I just got The Summoning not long ago! I hope we both like it :)