Monday, July 20, 2009

little thoughts

I'm still reading North & South, which is proving to be a lengthy book to get through. But I'd rather take a while since it's one of the classics. I'm finding that I like it a LOT more than Pride & Prejudice. Mr. Thornton captivates me far more than Mr. Darcy ever did. (which says something). Anyways, I've noticed that I've passed the half-mark; I have 51 followers as of yesterday! *happy dance* I couldn't be more pleased. So a contest may be lurking in the future for anyone who's interested ;).

That's all I really have to say, other than I'm admitting defeat and creating a twitter. I tried to last night but I was pretty surprised at what I discovered. There's already a pirate penguin on twitter...AND IT'S NOT ME. Who else coined the name pirate penguin??? I thought it was random as hell when I thought of it.... guess not. :/


  1. hahahaha U surrender to the Twitter fury! Dont worry, the best of us do.

    Add me! @TaschimaCullen

    PS; One of the reasons I havent read Lord of the Rings its because its BIG, But when i get back home Ill start reading it among other things.

  2. Aw, sorry someone else ruthlessly store your name! I've never read North & South (although I've seen the BBC movie).

  3. Twitter!!! Ya gotta love it. Hit me up : briana_reads