Monday, September 28, 2009

Just stopping by...

Hey all! I just want everyone to know that I'm in the process of writing up a review policy and trying to set up a proper grade system. (it's tedious but it must be done!) Also, I tried to create a post for all the awards I've won but because I can't ever arrange the images on my posts properly (has anyone noticed? just look at my last IMM post! the cover images are a bit scattered), I've decided to just make a list. It's a lot easier for me. Besides, if you really want to look at my awards (you can't possibly be that interested in me right...?) you can just click the links that appear at the bottom of every post I make. I'm sure a link to past awards will pop up eventually ;P

but only if you're curious.

that's all! hope everyone's enjoying their current read (I know I am!)


  1. I think a list would be fine -- easy enough to navigate. I want to redo my grading scale soon.