Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh, college.

I'm sorry for the lack of reviews, folks. College has been taking away from my reading time and I'm doing my best with balancing college homework (and all the newfound responsibilities of growing up, blah blah blah...) while reading my books and then delivering my reviews to you guys! It's totally new for me and while I'm loving college, I miss having all that free time for reading (like I did this summer).

So expect a review coming soon!



  1. Enjoy college! We'll all be waiting for you when things settle down. :)

  2. Sandy, I am dealing with the same problems... you just focus on school and fit us in when you can!

  3. I'm in the same boat. I love reading and blogging but it is time consuming. We will all enjoy your reviews whenever we get them. Take care and have fun in college! Maybe you can review some of your school reads!

  4. Yeah, I saw that you won Dust of 100 Dogs, congrats! That was so funny, I pointed it out and you won! I'm like a good luck charm. XD
    Here's another heads up for something that you might like: Pirate Week! It's like Zombie Week, but for pirates! :} And there's even Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th.