Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

This is the Honest Scrap Award. It is for those bloggers who write from the heart. The rules are to pass it along to seven bloggers and then list 10 honest things about myself. Here are those deserving of this honour, bloggers who write from the heart and touch me because of it.
I was given this award by Arielle over at B.A.M. Book Reviews. So thank you!  Oh, and I only chose five bloggers for this one. Please don't be mad if I didn't select you! You're all winners in my book ;) I'm going to give this to:

Now for ten honest things about myself:
1. My middle name was supposed to be my first.
2. I put a lot of sentimental value into my books
3. I've always had this dream of becoming a YA author :)
4. I'm always worrying about how I write my reviews
5. I'm my own worst critic (see above)
6. I considered becoming a flight attendant..but decided not to because I think airplane food sucks.
7. I think becoming a book blogger's the best thing I could've ever done for myself :D
8. I want to learn more languages! (Arabic and French, specifically)
9. Shakira inspired me to want to bellydance xD
10. I think real life boys should act like the ones I read in books (imagine a Sarah Dessen boy in the flesh? Sa-wooooon!)

Sidenote: I did a guest post over at The Tainted Poet. You should check it out ;)


  1. Ahh, thanks! =)

    Now you've got me wondering what your middle name is. And I just need to learn another language. I'm going over to your guest blog now!

    As far as commenting on livejournal, most of the time I just use my blog's url for openid. If that doesn't work, I just use Anonymous and put my name at the end of the comment. Some journals don't let you comment unless you have an account, though. It's pretty confusing.

  2. Oh man! YES! Sarah Dessen boy in the flesh would be my ultimate dream! I dibs OWEN!!! :)

    And I always worry about my reviews too! But yours are awesome!
    Airplane food does suck! Ew! But traveling would be really awesome!

    :) Arielle

  3. Hmmm.. I guess we can share Owen! I dont mind as long as he loves us and adores us both equally! lol. OMG! That scene in the book so good! Ah! I loved it! Oh I really really love when they are in the car wash and they are laying down in the seats, and they actually do kiss!! (right they do? or did I imagine that! lol) . That part made me just melt! He seems so cute! And sexy, and genuine!

    I think I have only had one good airplane meal before and that was a long time ago, now they just give crappy packaged stuff. ICK!


  4. That is so cool to learn all that about you! I would love to learn more languages too. (And have I told you how much I love you little penguin at the top?)

  5. SO cool! Thank you thank you thank you!

    Shakira makes me want to belly dance tooo :)

  6. Congrats on your award, Sandy :D :D

    I completely agree with point number 10. If I could find a real-life Henry DeTamble, I'd be set for life. <3

  7. Sandy, thank you for this award -- I haven't even heard of this one! It's such a neat one! Btw, I haven't been around much but my anatomy test is over so I'm back to blog for a little bit. Missed you : )

    I've always wanted to be a YA author too.

    Why did they end up making your name Sandy if it was supposed to be your middle name?

    I also worry about my reviews! I always want to change them!

    I've never had the food on a plane -- how bad is it? Like you want to puke bad or just don't-wanna-eat-it bad?

    Shakira is so cute!