Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ohh La La Award

I haven't dedicated a post to an award in a while... I thought this one was really cute (and therefore worthy of getting a post). This was given to me by Zombie Girrrl. Thanks girl! :) It even came with some fun survey-like questions...

Where is your favorite place to read?
Anywhere's fine but I usually like to curl up on my couch. Sometimes I lay back on my couch and let my legs dangle off the armrest. xD

Bookmarks or dog ears?
BOOKMARKS. My friends know that if they even slightly bend a page from one of my books, they will get hell from me. That's why we have bookmarks!! :P

What's the best book you've read so far this year?
Agh... that's really hard since I've read so many good ones. I will say that the one that's surprised me the most this year was The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy. Beneath its chick-lit exterior there was a great empowering message for us girls ;)

Do you like to snack while reading, and if so, what is your favorite snack?
Not really. Reading actually keeps me away from food; I'll only detach myself from a book when my stomach's screaming for food.

Book borrower or book collector?
Both although I borrow books more than buy. My library is my treasure vault of books and sometimes my friends buy books that I've been curious to read. They're kind enough to lend them to me. :)

I don't know how many people I'm supposed to give this out to so I'll choose a handful of peeps:
Zombie Girrrl
(all of you already got this but you didn't get it from ME specifically. xD)

*Did you know that Taschima is having a bloody good holiday blowout over at her site? She's giving away a ton of great prizes so you should definetely head on over there... and say that I mentioned you! It'll help us both mkay? ;)


  1. Congratulations!
    And I'm a firm believer in bookmarks, too.

  2. I adore bookmarks (and receipts), because I think I have mild OCD when it comes to keeping the book in good shape.

    I also gave you an award at my blog:

  3. Awe, thanks, Sandy!!!
    I know what'cha mean about dog ears; it's sacrilege! My sister goes berzerk if you so much as crack the spine! You practically have to read it through the cover! X9

  4. Thanks girl! Yeah I'm a big bookmark person. lol. I can't stand it when people dog ear books. I was always taught that it was disrespectful and damaging.


  5. What would I do without you always giving me a heads up on things, you piratical, flightless bird? Thanks for letting me know about the contest at Bites! You're too sweet! =D

  6. Oh, la la, felicidades ^O^!
    Y muchas gracias!!

    #must read "The Cinderella Society" ;)