Saturday, February 13, 2010

BEA, anyone?

Does anybody know for certain if they're going? Because I am!

It'll be my first time attending BEA so for those that I'll be seeing: if I have that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look....

you'll understand why. xD

I've been reading up on tips for BEA and if you're a first-timer like me, you should take a look at what these bloggers have to say. Their advice is really helpful. My fellow affiliate, Taschima, has this helpful post.


I'm not sure yet if I'll be attending the Book Blogger Con. I'm still thinking about it though. :)




  1. I am going!! But then you already knew that :)

  2. I hope so! If I do, I hope to see you there!

  3. I went in 2006 - yes, you will look like a deer caught in headlights! The event can only be experienced - it cannot be described. Go and enjoy!

  4. New York City. :(
    So far away from Arizona. *sigh*
    Oh well. I hope you have fun! It sounds exciting!
    Btw, how come you're taking a break from reading? Just curious. Oh, and I loved Up. I'm assuming you've seen it considering it's the picture you have under 'Currently Reading'. :)

  5. Hiya, you won some awards here:


  6. Yeah I hope to. Eli and I are in the process of planning it we're just not sure yet how we're getting there.

  7. My plan is for next year! Le sigh...I really wanted to go this time around but it just wasn't in the cards. Hubby's Bar exam fees over ruled my flight cost. So, I'll be living vicariously through those of you who get to go. Have a blast!

  8. Lucky you! I wish I could go...(have double the fun for me, please!)

  9. Ah. Makes sense. School is hectic. Though I'm only in high school so what you're going through is probably a lot worse. eeeeek.

    And true true. The picture is pretty awesome. But if you haven't seen Up then you definitely should. It is SO cute. :)

  10. O.O Have fun, girl! I am sooo jealous!!!
    And yes, Elizabeth did battle with the old battle axe, Lady Katherine. :)