Monday, August 23, 2010

Back 2 Books!

Hey everyone! I wanted to momentarily interrupt my reading time (I'm zipping through Catching Fire so I can pounce on Mockingjay tomorrow-IT'S COMING OUT TOMORROW YOU GUYS!!!) and tell you that today I did a guest blog for Back 2 Books, hosted by Lauren and Kim. I talked about my Top Five Comfort Reads and how nothing, not even school, is stopping me from taking the time to sit down and read. You can either check out the post at Kim's or Lauren's. I hope you stop by and comment! :)

Now...back to Catching Fire.... I CAN'T WAIT. ONLY A FEW MORE HOURS!!!


  1. Read your post was awesome! Loved all those books save for the Host. They are awesome.

  2. Whooot whoot! Mine is scheduled to arrive from Amazon today. I can't wait!

  3. I just finished it! I'm dying for everyone else to finish so we can all talk about it! :)