Monday, August 2, 2010

CSN teaser post

Another quick update: I received a lovely email from CSN Stores inviting me to do a review for one of their products and after gawking at my screen for a few minutes, I said yes! If CSN Stores doesn't ring a bell (and I'd be surprised since this place is getting a lot of buzz in the blogosphere lately!), let me enlighten you. It's a huge online store offering everything from Le Creuset to laptop cases-anything you can imagine, they have it. If you were around this April on my site, you may remember that I also hosted a giveaway for one of their bookcases. Well, this time I'll be receiving a bookcase and I can't wait!

It looks like this:

Except it won't be as bare (and it'll have books that I like-those geographic maps will not be included ;P) I'm so excited! You guys will actually get to peek at what I have on my shelves! 

1 comment:

  1. oh congrats. that's great! if you want to pass this along, youre followers can win $160 to CSN for a bookcase here: it's the first post at the moment...