Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cupcakes and Writing

I've been noticing that some of the blogs that I visit daily kept mentioning this event called WriteOnCon. I had no clue what it was until I checked it out and it blew me away: WriteOnCon is a free online conference for aspiring writers that offers so much valuable information about the industry, writing, etc. I found this video where Lisa Schroeder discusses romance in YA and she does a great job of explaining the do's and don'ts of writing romantic plots (and subplots) in your work. She also used cupcakes (which was so cute and imaginative!) Take a look :)

Any aspiring writers out there? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I'm one... pick me, pick me! :)
    I loved WriteOnCon. Such wonderful advice!
    I watched this particular video during the conference. She seems so nice, and I love her cupcake. Makes me hungry just looking at it (And I shouldn't be hungry--I just ate nutella straight from the jar).
    Anyway, I write YA. I'm in the process of querying a contemporary romance, working on another of the same genre, and plotting out a dystopian novel that I will start as soon as I finish the current WIP.
    Loving your blog so far!
    Put it on Paper

  2. Oh, she's so cute!!!
    And I sort of loved her explanation!!

    I write Romance in lots of scenarios, mostly YA contemporary, historical-ish romance and contemp romance. I post them in a forum and in FP. It has been one of the sources of HAPPY in my life since I began to take writing seriously when I was 18 - I was that age when I managed to finish my first fanfic (then I moved to all original), something momentous for me that I had left many stories along the way, and I do take it very seriously. For me, when I write, it's like I'm working.

    Anyway, it was an adorable post.

    Thanks, Sandy!

  3. Write On Con was SO awesome. I did a few of the live chats and read the posts over a weekend. It was so awesome to see all the great information and even better that it's still there and archived for everyone who missed it to see!

  4. Aww. Cute cupcakes. And she sounds lovely, as well as giving some great advice! Stupid you-tube kept freezing on me, so it's a testimony to how interesting it was that I perserved!

  5. I've never read any of her books but every video I've ever seen with her is adorable. I really need to pick up her books.