Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 is here at last!

Happy 2011 everyone! I hope you all had a great (and SAFE) last night for 2010! Im embracing the new year and wiping my slate clean so I can start fresh. I usually make resolutions for myself for New Years Eve but after mulling over things for quite a bit, Ive decided not to draw up a list of resolutions. Im letting 2011 be the year where I really do go with the flow; which is why Ive decided not to join any reading challenges nor any arc tours. Ill still accept review copies and participate in some blog tours but Im going to be even more selective than I usually am with these kinds of things. Ive realized that in my two years of blogging that I was starting to let schedueles and rules dictate what I read and sometimes whenever I wanted to pick up another book, I wouldn’t let myself because I had to finish what I had already started reading and then review it. 

This wasnt completely bad: I did read some books that I normally wouldnt pick up--it also made me more aware of the time I used to read. But the feeling of being on a reading scheduele was beginning to smother me. Which is why Ive decided to make 2011 the year I read deliberately. (isnt that such a cool phrase? I saw it over at Meg’s site and Im totally adopting that motto.) I won’t stress myself out by joining too many things at once and I’ll finally get around to those books Ive been meaning to read for a while now. 

Ack! I didnt intend for this post to be so, um, serious. I wanted to just wish you all a happy new year! I guess Ive just been wanting to unleash all of these thoughts for a while now. I have a few more thoughts but Ill spare you the extra reading, lol. Ill talk more about them later.