Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesdays aren't known as being happy days

 Neither are Mondays but Tuesdays.... blech. Wednesdays are better. Wednesdays mean that the week's halfway done.

 I hope this Tuesday is treating everyone better than how it's handling me at the moment. Being back in college and re-establishing a routine has been a little difficult for me since I've gotten too comfortable with the excessive free time I had back in December (and the beginning of January). My scheduele is thankfully well organized and all of my classes are at times where I'm actually awake (yay!) but what I thought would be rather easy classes are proving to be really challenging. (depending on my mood, I either really like this or I downright hate it--I'm feeling the latter right now.) Since my schoolwork is eating up any free time I used to have, I've decided to budget that time wisely. So until my schoolwork eases up, or until I finish my semester completely, I'm not going to be accepting anymore review copies. I'd be taking on too much and once that happens, the end results are not very pretty.

I'm also concentrating on finishing off what's left of my TBR pile (I'm down to four books! Hurray!) so that way I can have a clean reading slate. I'm not sure when I'll have time to read for fun nowadays but I'll squeeze in a chapter or two of a book whenever I can. I've still got some reviews to post for you lovely readers (and a fun character interview at the end of the month!) so please check back for those!

I thought the penguins portrayed as piano keys was very appropriate since one my classes--music--is giving me a hard time. I'm lucky I know how to read basic music otherwise I wouldn't be surviving that class!

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