Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can I distract you with some awesome music?

Hey everyone! I know I've been absent lately from the blog and I'm sorry about that. As you already know, school's been my number one priority as of late and I wish I could say that things have been easier (since the semester's almost over) but that is far from the truth. I'm still busy with homework and I'm not sure when I'll be back completely but I'll try to have a review up by the end of this week. And possibly do a giveaway in the near future. We'll see. For now, though, I'll have to keep neglecting my poor little blog. *pets it* I'll be back soon and updating regularly--especially since BEA is coming up. (And yup, I'm going! I don't know if I'll be attending all three days but I am planning on going for ONE of those days. I have to. O_O)

Before I go, I leave you with one of my favorite songs from Juanes. It's in spanish but the music's catchy. I hope you enjoy it :)

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