Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great news all around!

Katniss has arrived!
One: If you haven't seen the reason for all the excited tweets or heard the shouts of joy, then let me show you why. IT'S KATNISS!!! IN PHYSICAL FORM!!! AIYEE. If I had any lingering doubts about Jennifer Lawrence, they've now been vanquished. She looks just like how I imagine Katniss to be. (I still have doubts about the guy playing Peeta....but who knows, he might rock it. Time will tell. )

Two: Tomorrow is my last day of finals and then on Sunday, May 22nd I will OFFICIALLY be graduating from college. ....I'm trying not to dance in my chair right now >D I'm so thrilled, relieved and slightly nervous that I'll be leaving my community college and transferring over to university in the fall but it's been two years and finally, I'm going to be taking classes that are actually related to what I want to study. I'm thinking that after graduation, I'll celebrate by eating at IHOP. (I've never gone there. It's about time, yeah?)

Three: BEA IS NEXT WEEK. AND TAC. I haven't let myself think about it too much (I channeled all of my energy and thoughts into studying for finals) but OMG. And how timely is it that right before these major events, I'm graduating? It's like the perfect gift! I'll try to write a post about BEA later but if you're attending, let me know! I'll try to find you. Or if you see ME, say hello! I'll be carrying a backpack and there'll be a familiar blue penguin with me....

Rhiannon Hart has finally revealed the cover for Bloodsong. I've been following her for a while now (has it been two years already? Gasp!) and I remember the times she mentioned her writing on her blog.... it's so cool to see it with a cover now.  Bloodsong will be coming out this year in September from Random House Australia. Congratulations, Rhiannon!!! :)

Five: I haven't done a giveaway in a while. It's time to change that. Expect a new post within the next minute or two....

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