Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Covers!

There was an explosion of book cover reveals in the past few days. It was overwhelmingly awesome! The first one I stumbled upon today was Jill Hathaway's 2012 debut....

More covers.....

Another 2012 debut!
I really like how the ends of her dress turn into wisps of smoke....

I love the title! You can see it better over at Veronica's blog.

And here are some covers I spotted from the HarperCollins catalogue (yes, I look through them. I'm obsessive!).

I'm not really a fan of this cover (the Balthazar I picture in my mind is waaaaay hotter than this guy, LOL) BUT I'm happy that the book has an image to link it to. And who knows, it may change in time.

Tis a sequel!
The sequel to Cynthia Hand's Unearthly. I haven't read the first book yet but I will soon (I have it sitting on my shelf).

I know this cover has been posted on a few blogs already but I haven't blogged about it so.... another 2012 YA debut and I'm extra, extra excited since Love & Leftovers is a verse novel!

 Cover change:

Remember Rae Carson's original cover? Well, it's been replaced with this new image! I liked the original cover but I feel like this new one is better--it feels more fantastical and I'm drawn to it more ♥

I know I'm forgetting other covers but these are the ones that I remember best. I may post about the ones I haven't mentioned later...

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