Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Seven

*because I didn't write this post on Friday like I wanted to and because some cool stuff has happened!

1.) I started university last week and DUDE, I LOVE IT. Some of my classes are difficult but that's fine--I like to learn new stuff. Linguistics & Spanish are the most fun ;)


3.) I took advantage of the first day of school and went to this Fitness Jam where they previewed the (free) classes given at my school. One of them was bellydancing so DUHZ, I went. 

4.) So now I know some of the basic movements. Like, I can do figure eights. With my hips. o.O (It's surprisingly easy, actually....and it looks really cool!) 

5.) I haz a new phone and I've been fascinated with it as if I'd never seen a phone before. But it's really shinyyyy. XD 

6.) I went to Borders the other day (I've been avoiding it ever since they announced their closing) and while it was sad to see so many bare shelves, I did take advantage of the super awesome discounts. I only bought two books but it was satisfying paying $8.16 for a book that's originally $24! 

7.) I still have no internet at home so like I said before...updating will be a little less frequent. Especially now that I have a job--but fear not! I still plan on hanging around--leaving the blogosphere would be too painful ;( 

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