Friday, April 13, 2012

so I finally went to see the hunger games.

Yeah, it took me a while. But the wait was worth it--it was BRILLIANT. Omg. Casting JLaw as Katniss was the best decision made for this movie by far. The rest of the class proved to be flawless as well (I had some doubts about Josh Hutcherson being Peeta but he captured his character's gentleness perfectly!). And RUE SHE WAS SO PRECIOUS. I wanted to put her in my pocket and keep her safe forever! T-T

I cannot wait for Catching Fire. :D

And just because, here's a spoof of the trailer that I've been trying to post for DAYS now but blogger hasn't let me until today o_O

Hehe. I've watched this spoof enough times that when I saw the actual film it was parodying, I kept seeing THIS in my mind. I was trying not to laugh at some of the more serious scenes <.<;

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