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The Vicious Deep Blog Tour: Deleted Scene!

This day has finally arrived!! The Vicious Deep hits shelves TODAY! *pops some bubbly!* You can now buy a shiny copy of Zoraida's novel :) Unless you were lucky and found it out in the wild...as I did, hehe. Anyhoo, I'm SO excited to share with my readers today a deleted scene from chapter eight of Zoraida's debut. The bloggers of the deep tour has been going on for a few days now and if you want to check out the other stops, just click the button on my sidebar. Now, on to the deleted scene! It's a good one, guys. ;)

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I was also fortunate enough to do an interview with Zoraida a while ago... check it out if you're interested in learning more about her debut (and there's also a nice picture of a male lifeguard if you're interested in that too >:D)


“What happened to the skinny girl that ran out of here blubbering?” Coach Bellini asks. 

Layla huffs, “That was Maddy, Coach. She’s just dressing different. No thanks to someone.”  
His mustache does an involuntary wiggle. “Just used to seeing her in those frocks like them Amish people.” 
Mr. Santos nudges him. It reminds me so much of my friends that I wonder if anyone ever really grows up. 
“That woman needs to stop dressing that girl,” Mrs. Santos says, pursing her lips in a way that is only too familiar to Layla’s pretty mouth.
“She’s just protecting her girl,” Dad says. He looks at me when he says this, “We all do.” There’s something in his voice that’s so sad. I wish that I could tell him that I’m fine. That’s me. Mr. Fine. But I’m not. I can’t start lying now. 
Layla crosses her arms over her chest. “She was mad because Tristan hurt her feelings.”
Rat. I point my finger in her face. “She told me she wished I’d stayed drowned!”
Mrs. Santos gasps.
Layla points her finger in my face. “You broke up with her by kissing another girl in front of her!”
Mrs. Santos gasps again.
Mr. Santos points a finger at Layla. “She’s always been—emotional—that girl. Thin skin. You don’t let boys treat you badly because you know how to take care of yourself.”
She looks in the opposite direction of him and rolls her eyes.
Coach Bellini finishes his beer. “Don’t get so beat up about it. Women come, and women go. You have to go through tens, hundreds—” he falters when all the ladies turn to him like a flock of angry ravens. “—I mean—what I’m trying to say is—”
“Arthur is right,” Mr. Santos comes to Coach’s recue. “Don’t you go giving him your Evil Eye, Christina. But a boy can’t have a girlfriend just to make her happy and he stays miserable. Once the flame goes out, it’s out.”
“Oh really,” Mrs. Santos says.
He doesn’t even hesitate before leaning over and kissing her.
“Yes, Daddy,” Layla say. Her sarcasm is thick and heavy like syrup. “I’ll just go on and have tens, hundreds, of boyfriends because I can’t seem to find a boy who’s interesting enough to keep the fire going.” Her smile is knowing because somehow, in her universe, she’s proven a point. Our mothers high-five her, laughing at our sheepish blushes. This round, they are victorious.

Sigh. So good. I wish that this could've fit somewhere in the story. I hope you enjoyed reading the scene! You can get a hint as to how Zoraida's writing style is...as you can tell, she can be quite humorous ;) I'll be reviewing The Vicious Deep soon so stick around!

Congratulations on your release, Zoraida!! Felicitaciones!!!

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