Wednesday, May 23, 2012

YAckers book club

I've been negligent with my blogging but since I have some time before July (I'm taking a summer course--advanced spanish grammar and composition, here I come!), I'm going catch up as much as I can. Some of you may have seen this image floating around on other blogs and if you have but don't know what it stands for, it's for this really awesome online book club called the YAckers (the YA for young adult--pretty clever right?). I was invited to participate in this super sekrit book club a while back but haven't been able to read all the book choices because of school <_<; But as my semester wound down, I managed to read a few of the club's book choices and it's all been quite a bit of fun. This month's selection was Barry Lyga's I Hunt Killers and Holly, this month's Book Keeper, has our discussion posted on her website.

My condensed reaction to this book? OMFG. Creepy, messy but overall incredible. Barry Lyga executed this idea brilliantly and a part of me wants to know just how much research he had to do in order to write about all the gory aspects of serial killers and crime scenes...but then again, it's probably better not to know. I need to keep my sanity *nods* This book is NOT for delicate/squeamish/people who hate bloody stories. Tread carefully if you have a low tolerance for effed up, violent stuff.

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