Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BEA Day 2: In which I wake up late and run like hell towards Javits

So day two of BEA: I intended to wake up around 6am like I did the first day but...that didn't happen. My "five minutes more" nap turned into almost two hours more so when I woke up, it was almost 8am. I wanted to be at Javits around 9 but that wasn't happening...I don't remember the time of the train I caught but I got to Penn (I don't think I got lost this time) and alternated between running and walking really fast towards Javits (if you've ever been in NYC, you'll know that people DON'T MOVE; I wanted to bulldoze a lot of people out of the way but that would've been rude....).

I didn't get lost getting to Javits but will you believe me when I say that I didn't remember how to get to the baggage area? LOL. I ran up and down stairs three times until I found it. *shakes head* Moral of the story is to be on time and CALM THE HELL DOWN. Sigh. So after I finally paid for my luggage to be stored for the day (it was 9:40am at this point), I pretty much went straight to Sarah J. Maas' signing for THRONE OF GLASS. That line was long enough that when I got there, I couldn't even see the was at the first table and next to it was this curtained area--that's where the line sort of looped back and forth... I did see some people give up and get out of line but I wasn't willing to since...well, I flew to Javits like a bat from hell. o_o I took the time to guzzle water from my bottle and eat some snacks. xD The line inched by and slowly but surely I got my signed copy of THRONE OF GLASS :D  *MC HAMMER DANCE* that I'm looking at my withered paper schedueles (so I can remember what happened), I realize that the Kristin Cashore signing was on the last day, not the second day. Oops :S Ignore the shiny finished copy of BITTERBLUE then? And...CODE NAME VERITY since I got that on Thursday too -_-;

Um. Anyhoo. Since I managed to make the ToG signing, I had a little more than an hour left before the 12:30pm signing for Marie Lu's PRODIGY. I remember walking straight to the Penguin booth so I could be there early. I sat/stood next to Jen who was really nice as we chatted about books and blogging. Lenore was on line too and we also talked for a bit. *waves happily* I was #20 something if I remember correctly so once the signing started, I got my copy very fast and then high-tailed it over to Diana Peterfreund's signing for FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS (a.k.a book with the prettiest cover evar). The signing started slightly late since the author had to move from her original table but she was so gracious so it didn't even matter :) After I got my signed copy, I dashed over to the Hachette booth where at 2:00pm they were schedueled to distribute 500 paperback copies of DAUGHTER OF SMOKE & BONE with a chapter sampler of the sequel. Um, hell yeah I was going to be there. A lot of people were crowding the booth by the time I got there and the publicists ended up giving out copies a few minutes earlier. SQUEE. I may have cuddled my shrink-wrapped copy to my chest and petted it. I may have.

Then there were the 3pm signings I wanted to get to but DILEMMA: I had to choose between Dan Krokos and Libba Bray. I imagined Libba's line would be long but what I saw was worse than the Harlequin line. Sweet baby jesus, the line started from the booth and went all the way to the end of the building. And it wasn't even 3 yet. o_o I was literally the last person on that line. But then more people showed up and I'll admit it was nice to hook my thumb over my shoulder and say, "Yeah, the line ends here; you should sit behind me." xD Ahh. Then it was time for the signing to begin and the line crawled forward until it was my turn. Libba is so cool in person >_< She touched my wrist o_o

After that, I realized that Dan Krokos' signing was on the verge of ending I would've liked to have made it but oh well; then I sprinted towards Julie Kagawa's line for THE IMMORTAL RULES and hurray it was long but not TOO long. I made it in time >D OH and where is my head today? I also met Margie on Wednesday who I found through twitter; we met in person at BEA for the first time and she was very friendly. I have to admit, one of the best things about BEA is meeting people you "know" virtually in person...the majority of times they're even more awesome in person. :)

Then...the line for Julie started moving! And I was in front of Julie Kagawa! OH HAPPY DAY. What was even better was that she knew who I was T-T  

AH. And now I end my tale of Day Two of BEA BLISS. I think the walls of text I wrote out are more than enough...if you've read all that, I love you and wish to give you a cookie. :) I apologize to the poeple I didn't mention in any of my posts so far; I have all your cards and I know I commented/tweeted most of you...

Le Stack of Dia Two.*

*so I mixed three languages at happens ;b
Highlights of the day: Uh, everything I mentioned? xD
Low points: Missing one or two signings...especially the Dan Krokos one. But I can always get the book once it's out so it's not too painful. e.e

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