Sunday, December 2, 2012


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So tired it's not even funny.
I have been wanting to write reviews or at the very least write up a quick post about my book haul (because I have gotten quite a few books that I'd like to talk about!) but nope, no dice. I'm hoping to catch up soon so if anyone's still sticking around, please bear with me. I need to finish this semester out and then I can have fun and go back to blogging some more. I can't afford to have fun or to have a life until December 19th, 5 pm*.

You know, the other day I went to bed at 9pm? I haven't done that in years. I'm so wiped out with everything. I don't think I'm alone: everyone seems to be tired lately. Tell me, how are you doing lately?

*last day of finals, last day of finals, last day of finals and I'll be finished oh thank god.

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