Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Five

I have been wanting to do a random Friday Five post and here it is!

1.) The snowapocalypse of 2013 has arrived and its name is Nemo.

No one wants you here, Nemo. GO AWAY.
Why on earth did they name it Nemo? It's probably the most non-threatening name you could think of to name this wintery nightmare. o_O

2.) So school started back up again and I didn't get a break since I took a winter course, haha. (But I'm glad I did--I got an A-!) This semester feels different from fall though but in a good way... and thank god for that. My fall 2012 semester was undoubtedly my worst semester ever. I probably cried at least once a week because of exams, stress and professors. (I'm not kidding.)

3.) I did some light housekeeping on the blog.  I rewrote my "about" section and redid my review archive so it looks neater. I also considered changing the layout of the website (but nothing too crazy--I'd only be using what blogger offers) but after the comment system kerfluffle, I'm going to keep things the same for now.

4.) I'm just babbling at this point, but I'm so glad I switched back to blogger's commenting system :)

5.) Oh! Before I forget: at some point I'm planning on writing up a post with what I do with the arcs I have/receive. Hopefully I'll have that post written and ready for this weekend (praying that Nemo won't knock out the power).

Until then, stay safe everyone! Especially if Nemo's in your area.


  1. Nemo? Such a weird name.

    Stay safe.

    SO bummed that it ruined your plans.

    Hey your About Me looks great. I had no idea that what you want to do. What a great plan.

    1. I know, right? I wonder who finalized the decision for that. Like, I can only think of Nemo from Finding Nemo...

      I'm bummed that I have to miss my concert but oh well...hopefully it'll be postponed....

      And thank you! :) I figured it needed a make-over and also a little more info about me outside of blogging. Glad you like it!

  2. Hope Nemo goes easy on you!! I was so worried with Sandy a few months ago :)
    And I hope this semester is loads better.
    I started working at a school and it's so stressful - I hate high schoolers, I have reached that conclusion - :D

    Oh and you got me so tempted to move back to blogger comments

    1. Nemo so far has been mostly aggravating and less dangerous....although at the moment, I literally cannot leave my house, lol. The good thing is that it happened on the weekend...I'm hoping that by Monday the snow will melt away.

      YES, so far it's much better. It's more heavy on reading and writing but I'll take that anyday. LOL, oh high school.

      Hehe. I'm very happy I made the switch back--I like that my comments won't vanish this time.

  3. I had seen Nemo around but didn't realize that's what they named the storm-that's weird. But I'm on the West Coast so it doesn't directly impact me anyway.

    1. I saw on the news that there was a storm on the West Coast as well? Named Orko or something?

  4. Yeah, Nemo didn't give us as much snow as they thought, but at least it meant a snow day! I've definitely been there, sometimes I think that fall semesters are designed to make people miserable (although I hated my college, and ended up transferring after my spring semester), and the spring flies by.

    1. Too bad I don't enjoy snow days like I used to! Oh, childhood, how I miss thee.

      Omgosh, I think the only thing that's nice about fall semesters is the weather (before winter comes along and ruins it all). Spring DOES fly by, which can be nice. Urgh, I've never thought to transfer from my school but I do wish that my major wasn't a requirement for teaching. If only @_@

      Anyway, thanks Lizzy for commenting :)