Thursday, November 7, 2013

Still here, like a ghost.

You may not see me but I'm around! Hah. Sorry, that was a bad joke :X

I plan on posting some bookish stuff soon but I wanted to let you guys know why I haven't been around....unsurprisingly, school is the culprit of my absence. With taking three literature classes, one cinema course, one educational course as well as taking an unofficial Spanish teaching practicum, and working part-time AND getting ready for student teaching this upcoming year..... needless to say, I haven't really dedicated any neurons to actively reading and reviewing.

No joke, these are my days:

Going through the motions of getting ready for school, work, and drawing up some energy to pay attention in all my classes....

Dealing with multiple homeworks all due in the same day/week/hour/millisecond as well as professors who are confusing/demanding/don't understand that I AM ONLY HUMAN
Handing in a slew of assignments only to realize that I have like 50 more on the way...that require more work than the ones from before
My Mondays and Wednesdays are especially the worst because after getting in around 8 or 9, I have classes until 8:30pm but don't arrive home until 9 or 10.

There are days where all I want to do is this:
Floor, you won't ask anything of me.
However, I summon my inner Haymitch and tell myself:
And so I keep going. I've gone so far, I can't stop now! It's kind of scary how this semester is my last one for classes and then I'll be thrown into a classroom (supervised, of course) with ESL students but I'm looking forward to it... And let's not go into how I have to think about grad school or---EEP---getting a real job and being a real adult. x_x
So....that is why I continue to let my poor little blog collect virtual dust :( But I'm trying, you guys. I haven't picked up much YA yet but I'm hoping to magically crank out three or four final research papers and still have time to read before Christmas rolls around! (Can you believe it's already November?!?!) Oh, right, and I forgot to mention that my birthday's next week. I'm turning 22, just like that Taylor Swift song ;P 
But enough about are you all doing? How was your Halloween? :)


  1. Oh wow. You poor girl!

    I'm proud of you! You hang in there. You CAN do this! You rock! Don't worry about us. Just pop in from time to time like your doing and we'll wait for you. :)

  2. Oh dear!! you make me dread going back to school (Been thinking of going back for a masters), but you'll be a great teacher!! Teacher practice is scary (had to do those too) but most ESL are eager to learn so that's something, right?

    Also, you're awesome and I love the picture of the polar bear!