Tuesday, June 10, 2014

quick survey

Hey everyone,

So I've been thinking for a few days about my blog and what I would like to do now that I have the time to read again. I'd like to breathe some life back into PPR but before I try to resurrect it back from the dead (because let's admit it, my blog is not what it used to be* ) I'd like to know what YOU want from this site. I don't plan on following up on ALL the buzz worthy reads or doing many memes like I used to but I do want to try to stick to some semblance of a schedule. My goal right now is try reading 2-3 books a month WITH NO PRESSURE because I can't have this become a chore. I don't want to slide back into that burnout mode from a while back.

Anyway, I'll try to hit the 3 book mark on a monthly basis and if I manage to read anything else, hurray! I'd also like to talk about some of the shows or movies that I watch because I am a huuuuuge tv fan and I need to express my feels over some shows. Particularly THIS ONE:


I also realized that over the last few months when I was sporadically blogging, I wasn't interactive with my readers. I can blog all I want but you, my dear readers, you actually take the time out of your day to READ my ramblings and I don't give back to you. For that I'm sorry. So I'd like to remedy that by having you be more active participants in my blogging experience. So this is why I would like to ask that you fill out this brief survey that I made.** It's only six questions long and four are multiple choice so really, there's nothing to lose! I'd really appreciate it if you gave me a minute of your time.

I'm also considering having you all recommend ME books because I'd like to try reading books that I would normally never pick. Or maybe there's a book that's slipped my radar but you'd like it to be featured here on PPR. I'm also considering doing something where I pick out some books (maybe based on a theme?) and you my lovely friends vote on what book I will read and review. If you can think of any more fun activities like this, please let me know in the survey!

*which is fine because between school and battling recurring blogger burnout I didn't expect my blog to maintain its momentum

**this is my first time even doing a survey so I apologize in advance if it's not as comprehensive as others!