Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Multi-language "Let It Go" :D

Is anyone tired of the hype for FROZEN? Personally I'm still okay with hearing about it...and this song. I can't get over this song. I think it's beautiful how all these different languages can meld together and that the emotion in this song can translate over, no subtitles needed. It's kind of interesting how most of the singers actually sound similar to each other. Maybe it's for the song but still...cool nonetheless.

Also, the linguistic-y part of me is happy to see some less mainstream languages being featured and that dialogues of Spanish and French also got a shout-out. Thank you, Disney! :)


  1. Oh, WOW! That is awesome. It really is amazing how similar most of them sound.

    1. Right??? Did they plan this? Lol.

    2. Usually they pick similar voices, I'm always surprised when I watch the original movies and see how close the translation is, specially with the classics like Sleeping Beauty or Alice or whatvs. And I imagine it must be really hard with the songs!