Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Five

1) The weather has been crazy here in NY. One day it's perfectly warm and people can wear shorts and tshirts and then it becomes so bitterly cold that if you don't wrap yourself up, you may get frostbite! I like the cold but the abrupt changes in temperature is annoying.

2) Still reading the same book that I started in October. Let's not talk about how my reading pace has slowed to a paralyzed slump...or that I haven't even read ten books this year. *hangs head in shame*

Le cone of shame

3) So my birthday is this Wednesday and I am not at all prepared for it! I honestly didn't realize we were fast approaching the 12th until I looked at my calender. Holy. Crap. I AM NOT READY TO BE 23. That means another year has flown by...

4) Having some tooth issues. I have had to take medication in order to numb the pain but omgosh I don't think I'd wish this pain upon my worst enemy. Moral of the story: take care of your teeth and go to the dentist every three months! x______x

5) After loving the first few episodes of ORPHAN BLACK, I for some (silly) reason fell off the bandwagon but I have picked it up again and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD this show is amazeballs. One word: clones. That's all you need to know. I highly recommend that you watch the show if you haven't already! The plot lines are cray cray and the acting is fantastic. My favorite clone right has to be a tie between Helena and Alison. (#sorrynotsorry for claiming Alison, Alex!) I also think Felix is pretty fab too.
Adorbs pic. Source.


  1. Oh how I wish i could go back and be 23 again lol ENJOY it!! & Happy Birthday!

    I loved the first season of Orphan Black but S2 was hit and miss for me.

    We're getting crazy weather in FL too. 80's and then cold even with a few mornings of frost already. I guess we're all in for a rough winter.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  2. It's been wild here too. Short sleeve one minute and bitter cold the next so I definitely feel ya.

    Happy early birthday.