Friday, February 25, 2011

Character interview with Nathaniel from Angelfire!

Angelfire has been out for over a week! If you haven't picked up this book yet, I suggest you do because the characters in the story are something special. Today I'd like to introduce one of them to you :)

As an antiques collector, you must come across a lot of interesting objects! Has there ever been an especially interesting find for you?
Oh, definitely! I have a particular affinity for ancient texts, but my interests are rather wide. One of my favorite finds was the tomb of Akhentaten, the Egyptian pharaoh who was erased from history after his death for outlawing their traditional polytheistic religion and attempting to establish monotheism. His people found that quite blasphemous, of course, and... I'm sorry. I'm rambling. Go on. (That sounds fascinating! But yes, we'll move on...)

You've known Will for a long time. I'm sure you have at least one embarrassing story to tell about him--are there any you'd like to share?
*chuckles* Will is very reserved most of the time and is careful with what he says and does, but if you ever want to make him blush, ask him about Lady Alice. (Ooooh, now I want to!) The year was fifteen hundred and... fourteen, I believe. This was a few years before he became Ellie's Guardian. He was a little reckless in those days.

It must be distracting to hear people's thoughts. What's the weirdest thought you've ever "heard"?
I can enter another's mind at my discretion, but only if their will is weak enough for me to access it. I believe the most surprising thought I've been exposed to was someone who thought Will and I were lovers. (LOL. Oh my.) That one threw me off for an instant! He's like my little brother, perhaps even a son.

What time period has been your favorite so far?
Time period...? Like era? The world has evolved so much in the time that I have lived--over seven hundred years--but I have to say that I find the modern age the most fun. There's so much information to discover any moment of every day... A shelf can only hold so many books, but a computer can hold any ever written. It's amazing how far the human race has come.

Sooooo you and Laurennnnn. What's up with you two?
Lauren? I, uh... We are great friends... very close. I've known her for a few years and with her specific talents, she's helped me solve a number of mysteries. She is a clairsentient, meaning she is able to tell an artifact's history and nature of its energy with a single touch. She is a... remarkable girl.

Hmm, I sense more there BUT I'll leave you alone about it ;) Thank you, Nathaniel, for the awesome interview! Courtney Allison Moulton's ANGELFIRE is in stores so go on and get yourself a copy!

I leave you with this excellent author interview where Courtney explains what Angelfire is about:

I like the khopesh swords...

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