Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog tour: Musical lyrics interview with A.C. Gaughen!

Instead of having the usual type of interview where there's a back-and-forth of questions and answers, I'll be asking questions but A.C. will be answering strictly with musical lyrics. (I've made the font for the song titles and their respective bands/singers bold.)  It's challenging but I think A.C. did a pretty awesome job with her responses--take a look ;)

1) Describe a typical day for your main character:
I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known; don’t know where it goes, but it’s only me and I walk shadow’s the only one who walks beside me.
[Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Green Day]

2) How do you get over a bad day:
Hang on to me and I’ll hang on to you, until the end or until the day is through. And as we float I’ll wash away that part of me that lures the devil in the deep blue sea.
[The Sea, Carbon Leaf]

3) The best type of revenge is:
Let it go, let it go, this is smaller than you know, it’s no bigger than a pebble lying on the gravel road--let it go, let it go, you gotta leave it all behind you, give the sun a chance to find you; let it go.
[Let it Go, Great Big Sea]

4) What's the first thing you notice about someone:
Eeeeeeyyyyes are the window to the soul (look into my eyes)
[Eyes, DJ Kaskade ft Mindy Gledhill]

5) When you write, you feel:
There’s a darkness deep in you--a frightening magic I cling to
 [You’re All I Have, Snow Patrol]

6) One day you will:
Tonight, we are young. So let’s set the world on fire--we can burn brighter than the sun.
[We Are Young, Fun.]

7) What's your advice for anyone who hasn't gotten to where they want to be:
This is the story you wanted to write, well tonight is the night that you can
Just get this done and by dawn’s early light you can finish the fight you began
This time we’re in it to stay--think about seizing the day...
Once and for all there’s a fire inside me that won’t stop burning
[Once and For All, Newsies]

Ooh, some of those lyrics are really good. With Greenday's Boulevard of Broken Dreams being the exception, I've actually never heard of these other songs. (I should probably fix that, huh?) Scarlet hits shelves tomorrow, just in time for Valentine's Day. This is A.C. Gaughen's debut novel and if you're interested you can find out more about her by clicking these links:

Clickables: {main site} {twitter} {the Apocalypsies} {the nightstand} 

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