Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday...six, I guess?

1.) It's the weekend! Finally. I do have assignments to work on but this is the first weekend where I don't feel like collapsing under pressure or huddling under the covers of my bed. (I wish I were joking but I'm not.)

This is how I feel in syntax and in all of my classes, urgh.
2.) My lack of reading is killing me and hurting the blog. I thought I'd have time to squeeze a few hours of reading into my weekends but clearly that's not going to happen this semester :/ I do have some handful of reviews that I need to post so expect those soon...

3.) Is anyone else happy about the fall weather? Frankly, I'm ecstatic because I'm so over summer. Break out the scarves and jackets! Plus Halloween is almost here and I'm actually excited for it this year.

4.) Um, I thought I was done with Pinterest but I missed it so much that I reactivated my account. xD And I'm trying to find food recipes because I want to try my hand at cooking, baking, etc. I found this Halloween bundt cake recipe and LOOK AT IT:

How epic is that? You'd totally be the talk of the party if you brought in that dish to be served ;D

5.) I still need to talk about Comic Con and I'll get around to it but I will say that I had a mostly good time. I ended up attending more t.v. and movie panels than bookish stuff but the panels were so great. I even managed to get into the mysterious Firefly panel which turned out to be amazing. Plus I sat in during the Walking Dead panel and omfg, I have a new show that I need to get into.

6.) I have a review and interview coming up on the blog so if anyone's out there.. *peers into the dark void of silence* I hope you'll stay and read xD

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