Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2015

May 2015: Where I decide to simplify my life and get rid of books. 

That sounds rather intense but it's true. I deactivated my netgalley account (I'll be permanently deleting it soon) and I went through my personal collection, sorting through books I want to keep (like my beloved copies of FANGIRL*) and the ones I don't want anymore. I'm going to try to sell my finished copies to my local indie bookstore and if I can't get rid of them all, I'll just donate the remaining copies to my library.

Snapshot of May

What's Going on with Me 
  • I started listening to Sara Zarr's podcasts (thanks to Alex's recommendation ;D) and they're really great. She talks to various YA authors and other professionals in the publishing industry about the writing life. Take a listen if you're curious :) 
  • As I mentioned before, I'm ruthlessly going through my books and doing away with any that I haven't read or that I've read but I'm not in love with. It's nice to have the space in my room and hopefully my finished copies will fall into another reader's hands. 
  • Still waiting to hear back about my app for grad school; I had a few issues submitting it but surprisingly I wasn't stressing out over it. Maybe I'm finally learning to be like Elsa and...wait for it....
weren't expecting THAT were you?

Seriously wtf, WHERE IS THIS YEAR GOING? It just got here and now we're already halfway through O_o but as long as I don't see snow for another couple of months....I'll be fine. Anyway how is everyone doing lately? How has the first half of 2015 treated you?

*that's right, MULTIPLE COPIES. I currently own 3. Consider me a rabid--aha--fangirl. 


  1. I'm going to be getting rid of a lot of books this summer, too. I need to clear up some space, and give unread books a home where they'll be read.

    I'm curious about Supergirl! Hopefully it's good!

    Grad school! Hope you get good news soon :D

  2. Ah yes, I've been feeling the same way about my books for a while now. Like, I only want to have the books that are SUPER special to me and that I would totally reread. Definitely a change of view from when I first started blogging and was just so envious of other people's huge personal libraries. But I think I like my life better simpler.

    Oh, and this is the first I'm hearing of this podcast - thanks for putting it out because I would def like to try it. Good luck with grad school!

  3. I need to go through all my books as well. Good on you for your ruthlessness! :) And seriously! WHERE has this year gone?! It's craziness that it's July already.