Sunday, June 28, 2009

An award and my lame explanation for why I was MIA for a while

This is a meme & here are the rules: If you accept it, you are supposed to list seven of your favorite things and nominate seven blogs that deserve this award.

Awarded by Taschima. (thanks chica! by the way, congrats on the 104 followers! that's incredible!) ;)

Apologies for the lack of updating! Ever since this Friday, my life's been hectic. Especially yesterday. This past Saturday I graduated. You're now reading the blog of a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE. Huzzah! *wootwoot* The actual graduating ceremony is boring and not at all like the movies! (speaking of which, has anybody seen the trailer for I love you, Beth Cooper? I'm intrigued.) Not that I'm naive enough to believe everything I watch; I was just expecting...more. I didn't even cry. I'm still waiting for those tears, hah. I just came home from a KICKASS grad party hosted by my childhood best friend. I ate like a pig and danced the calories off by tuning into my inner latina dance goddess. Ay ay ay! xD On to my seven favorite things....

1. Books. (duh.)
2. Bread. (Me ♥ carbs!)
3. The world of blogspot. (I wouldn't have an outlet to rant about the books I read nor would I know the awesome people I've met)
4. Dimitri from Vampire Academy. (do I need to explain?)
5. Curly hair. (I think it's so cute!)
6. Libraries & book stores. (these places feed my addiction. thank'ee!)
7. Tea. (mmm, relaxation)

Please ignore my abuse of paranthesis' (sp? oh, here I go again!) ...on to the seven blogs:
1. Bloody Bookaholic
2. The Tainted Poet
3. The Book Pixie
4. Melanie's Musings
5. LiyanaLand!
6. Dirty Pages
7. The Book Blogger

I had such a good day today...I feel too lazy to continue so I'm gonna go pass out on my bed now. Peace!


  1. Congrats! Graduating is definitely a valid excuse for being MIA. I still haven't been able to tap into my dancing side. Too self concious in public. I'm working on that. Thanks for the award! What kind of tea to you like? I can't stand green tea, personally.

  2. *gasp* I love green tea! Without sugar. *dun-dun-DUN!*
    The only dance goddess I can tune into isn't even a chick, remember Carlton form Fresh Prince...
    BTW, you've been nominated for a couple things at my blog! And I gaurantee that at least one of them you've never seen before!

  3. HEY! sorry for not posting, congratz on the graduation!

    I have a lot on my table O.O Im going crazy! have to post, and put links on the bottoms, and am waiting for my new layout...

  4. Dimitri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    U so don't need to explain ;)