Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's on your desk Wednesday? (and another challenge)

What's on MY desk? Why, to put it simply: crap.
It's a monsoon of papers along with other misc. things...

Shall I take you on a tour? Again, we'll start with the main attraction: my computer. Post-its are plastered to the boxy screen (still saving up for that laptop...) and as we sail our way to the printer, my yearbook still resides there. Then we slide down onto the table where you bump into my headphones, yellowbook, and a manila folder that holds NOTHING except the words that I write on it. There's adresses, URLs, author's names that I will eventually google....a lot of things. A few pens here and there, my MP3 charging, connected to a wire that snakes down one of the table's legs into the monitor, where it's getting its juice. I also have this paper note thing where I'm writing down all the Austen-related movies/books I'll be watching/reading for the other challenge I'm joining over at Stephanie's Written Word.

I've always loved Jane Austen, so this challenge will be tons of fun. :) If you want to join, click the link above or click the picture link on my sidebar. It's worth it! And if you join before July 15th, you might get to win a Lost In Austen DVD. If you haven't heard about LIA, it's the story of Amanda Price, a young woman from London who loves Pride & Prejudice and wishes that she could live in that time era. She gets the chance to when out of nowhere she finds Lizzie Bennet in her bathroom and switches places with her through a portal (in the bathroom, of all the randomest places!). I've seen clips of it on youtube and it's hilarious! Amanda messes up the entire timeline for the book. Many humerous moments.

I'm so excited! x)


  1. Yeah, I'm so glad you are joining my challenge! I've seen Lost in Austen and it is quite fun!

  2. This is a cool feature! Glad to see someone else's desk is as messy as mine!

  3. You have pens on your desk? No way. I can never find a pen anywhere near my desk when I need one!

  4. In regards to your question that you asking me on my blog, How did you get two sidebars?

    Just go to google and search three column blogger template and there should be a how-to link in the first five or so links.

  5. I think I will definately be joining that challenge. I need an excuse for reading an older book. They're classics for a reason.

    So when you say Meg Cabot's books are fluff, do you mean in a good way? See, I have a catagory for different types of fluff. Rediculous and Shallow that Makes you Want to Bang Your Head Against a Table Fluff. And A Fun but Cute Easy Read Fluff. If that makes sense. Lol.

  6. Just popping in to say Hi! I saw the name of your blog on a contest entry and was intrigued. Are you a penguin fancier or collector?

  7. GIRL! U have triple the fun at my blog! Go and pick up your awards!