Thursday, July 16, 2009

So I was just looking around...

you know, checking other people's blogs, when I found this at Sharon's:
August 2, 2009 (Sunday) from 1-3pm
Books of Wonder - "Sarah Signing" with Sarah Cross, Sarah Beth Durst, Sarah MacLean, Sarah Ockler, and Sarah Rees Brennan18 West 18th Street, New York, NY

I'd LIKE to go. I'll try to. But is there anybody that knows for sure that they'll be attending? It'd be pretty cool to meet other bloggers. And since I also tagged this as "random crap", here's my random tidbit. I just listened to Shakira's new single, She-Wolf (or Loba for us spanish folk) and I like it. A lot. It's already stuck in my head...but I don't mind. :)

Now I'm going to watch my first Jane Austen film, Northanger Abbey so I can kickstart the Austen Challenge. Btw, I'll have my review of City of Bones up tomorrow. So that's all! Byeee.


  1. Have a good time!

    And I so wish I could go!

  2. You know, if I were within a thousand miles of there... Unfortunately, I'm not and not many authors grace me with their presence down here. You should go! It sounds like a LOT of fun!

    Northanger Abbey was a cool book, kinda weird, though. Which version are you watching? I've yet to watch a movie of it.

  3. I like your tag of "random crap" or as I like to call it crappola. Either way, it's a good catch-all phrase. I see you're reading North and South, how do you like it? Have a great weekend.