Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays

"I do not think it is a thing to be done lightly. I will take human blood only when I have found my companion, the one who will be by my side for all eternity." She looked up at him gravely.
Stefan smiled at her, feeling light-headed and bursting with pride. He could scarely contain the happiness he felt at that moment. But that was before his brother Damon had returned from the University. Before Damen had come back and seen Katherine's jewel-blue eyes.
-Vampire Diaries, pg 71.
I can't wait for the WB series. It looks good (including the guy who plays Stefan *drools*). I received another nomination for the Your Blog Rocks! awards by Lizzy. Thanks! :) Ooooh, today was different. I was up at five (shocking!), did my morning routine and flew out the door with my mom so I could arrive to my advising appointment at college on time. I made a mess of my scheduele, but whatevs. I can change it later. x3 I liked the advisor who attended me. She was like, "My goodness, *looks over papers* you're so bright! You're one of the smartest I've ever seen". Outwardly I was modest and quiet but inside I was going BOOYAH! and having a party.
Ahem. So I'm officially college-bound and actually excited about it! I was pouring through the course catalogue, checking out the classes available. (There's one called Death & Dying. Hmmm, do I sense a theme? Vampires=death) Even the history of Rock n' Roll! xD I'll be paying special attention to another book I received as well. The *shudder* driver's manual. I'm finally on the road (no pun intended) to getting my permit and then, driver's license. I kinda have to since I can't bum off a ride from mom forever...and it'd be pathetic at this point. My mom was like, "Welcome to reality!"


  1. I'm really looking forward to the CW series as well. And I just finished reading this a little while ago. the 2nd half (The Struggle) is soooo good!

  2. How many books are you currently reading? I haven't read this series, although it does lok quite interesting. Didn't know it was being made into a show. I'll have to check it out.:)

  3. oooh.. sounds like an awesome book!

  4. Ooh, this book looks interesting. ^___^ Yet another new take on a vampire story.
    Your "currently reading" changed. Does that mean that you're done with City of Bones? I just started it recently. =D