Saturday, August 22, 2009

Award time :)

The rules are simple: pick seven favorite things, then nominate seven favorite blogs.

Favorite things:
1. Reading (duh. this answer will never change.)
2. Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy (I rewatched the movie last night in spanish!)
3. As of late, bellydancing music. xD
4. cinnamon raisin bagels
5. fun/fuzzy/colorful scarves
6. people that have interesting tattooes (Skulls n' Roses is so generic! The other day I saw a man drive past my car with a trail of cute-yet-beautifully drawn fish swimming up his forearm. I was impressed.)
7. Internet (read my post under this one and you'll get why!)

Blogs (I'm cheating and only choosing five):
1. My Life is an Effing Fairy Tale
2. OMG! Books!
3. Romantic Harbor
4. Cornucopia of Reviews
5. The Fictionistas


  1. Internet is a good favorite thing to have. I also agree with you on the generic tattoos -- skulls and roses are overdone. Also, you like belly dancing music? Have you heard of Amina? She has a belly dance land of oz mix that's kind of fun ; )

  2. Matthew Macfadyen is a really good actor! Do you like him better than Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy? I really liked him as Arthur Clennam in Little Dorrit.

    I really like cool scarves too, although I rarely wear scarves at all. I should, though. While I love looking at tattoos, I would never want to get one. What about you?

  3. P&P in Spanish? I haven't checked if my DVD has it like that, how was it?

    And great favorite things :D