Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just dropping by

Hey guys, just wanted to pop in for a second before I get ready for school. I finally have a rating system and it's located on the left sidebar. What do you think? xD

As for reviews, I'm writing one up for The Cinderella Society (which was really good, mind you) and I'm not sure when I'll have it up...but I'm pretty sure it'll be before the weekend. *crosses fingers*

I hope everyone's having a good week! :)


  1. That's a pretty cool rating system, Sandy. I like it. Oh, and I'll be back to blogging on Saturday, if all goes as planned. :P

  2. I like your rating system. Nice and detailed. :-D Good job.

  3. Haha, like the rating system! I'm a little concerned about the implecations of 1.0. Blowtorch? Why, Penguin, I do believe you're threatening to burn books!!! ;9 Seriously, though, it's very helpful and detailed. I like it! :D

  4. I'm excited for this Cinderella review : )