Sunday, May 22, 2011

Are you going to BEA or The Teen Author Carnival?

I am!!! And I cannot wait because this year seems even better! I will be attending the Teen Author Carnival tomorrow and I'm not sure exactly what I'll be wearing but knowing me, it'll just be some comfy jeans, sneakers and a shirt (probably black--my wardrobe is overwhelmingly monochromatic). I'm dragging two of my friends with me so they can experience the carnival and understand why I've been raving about it for the past year :)

I will also be attending BEA (only this time I'll be there for ALL three days). I wanted to write up a post or two talking about some tips for the newcomers this year but with all of my finals piled together within a span of two weeks and my graduation ceremony today, I haven't exactly had the time. I'm attending both of these events for the second time this year and while I'm no expert, I will say this:

1.) Comfort > fashion. This isn't a business meeting. You don't have to impress anyone with a suit or skirt--but you shouldn't dress like a hobo either ;P Since it looks like it's going to rain this year, I'd recommend being an umbrella too. Also, I can't stress this enough: wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet ALL DAY.

2.) Bring food & water. I won't deny it: I'm cheap. Why spend three dollars on a water bottle when I can bring one along with me? Bring a water bottle (or two if you get really thirsty like me) and some light snacks like an apple or a bag of chips.

3.) Bring your camera! You'll want to take pictures. Trust me.

4.) Be social! Now's not the time to be shy. You're in a place full of people who share the same obsessive love of books that you have. Talk to people! Or if someone wants to chat with you, let them. :)

....I can't think of anything else at the moment. But if you want more helpful tips, check out my friend Lexie's posts about BEA. Or Emily's. They both give an excellent run-down of what to do, what to expect (the books, people, THE BOOKS), and how to handle everything in between.

If you're going to either of these events, I'll be carrying a backpack and I'll have this little guy attached to it:

"I'm blue and adorable!"
I'm extremely a little camera shy so that's all I'm willing to show xDDD But if you see me, please come over and say hi! I would love to meet you and I promise to not be really awkward, lol.

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