Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unexpected surprises are the best!


It's so pretty.
I've been so busy with finishing up last minute homework assignments before finals (which I'm dreading) and preparing for my graduation (I'm officially leaving community college and heading to university in the fall!) that I haven't had time to do fun stuff (i.e. blogging). And lately I've been feeling a bit down so when I found this unexpected treasure in my mail box yesterday, you can imagine how quickly my spirits were lifted. It's amazing how a book can make you feel. :)

And just so you can get a grasp on my reaction when I found the book, I've compiled a few GIFs:

After ripping open the package...


Since I was inside my house and NOT in front of my mailbox (where all the neighbors can see you), I let my true emotions come out.


Once I composed myself, I then began doing this.

Oh yeah!!!!

My mother witnessed my reaction, rolled her eyes and resumed going through the bills. xD ANYWAYS. I was taken completely by surprise so a thousand thanks to the people at Simon & Schuster. I truly appreciate this gift you've sent me! ♥

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