Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bookish News

Four cover reveals, a book trailer, and....

Kim Harrington posted the cover yesterday for Perception, the sequel to Clarity. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm totes in love. <3 She also included the synopsis for it; I didn't want to include it here since I might accidently ruin it for some but if you've already read Clarity.... or if you just want to congratulate Kim for getting such a lovely cover... ;)

I haven't had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series (or even finishing the series that inspired this spin-off) but I know a LOT of people love Richelle Mead so I figured this cover would capture your attention. I spotted it over at Taschima's. It's the sequel to Bloodlines!

Now onto the next two books; both are by the same author and one of them is getting a new cover since it's coming out as a paperback! Beth Revis's Across The Universe and its sequel, A Million Suns.

Very pretty. O.O

And finally, the book trailer:  

And...that's it for now. I know I said I was very bleh about blogging BUT that doesn't mean I was completely out of the loop---I still find out about bookish stuff and of course I want to share what I know!  

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