Saturday, August 27, 2011

I like informing you guys about stuff! xD

You've already heard about Courtney Summers' new book that's coming out next year... and that it's about zombies, right? No? Well, now you've heard about it.

And even better, Courtney Summers finally revealed the cover for said book!

I like that splatter of blood.
I read one zombie book* and suddenly I like them. Who knew?! xD

Oh, and last but certainly not affiliate and really close blogging friend Jenn from Books At Midnight is celebrating her two year blogoversary with an epic giveaway consisting of two prizes that international peeps---yes, international!--can enter. You should really take the opportunity to enter! :)

*Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion---I LOVED this book. I'll review it some time soon.... it was so flippin' good.

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