Tuesday, January 24, 2012

short explanation

I'll be brief: I haven't been online lately since my computer battery died more than a week ago. (A week before my semester started too. Lucky me!) Right now I'm looking into getting a new laptop so I can get back to blogging and of course to do my homework because I already have plenty of assignments that need to get done (and they all involve the internet, grr). Since I'm back in school, I also wanted to point out that my posts won't be very frequent. My aim is to have at least one post a week but I'm not going to drive myself nuts if I can't manage to do that.

 Like I mentioned before, I haven't been reading as much lately so I haven't been in a reviewing mindset for a while. I've been reluctant to say that I'm in a reading slump here on the blog but I'll admit it now: I AM in a slump and I'm not sure how to deal with it. Especially since this is perhaps my first time ever that I don't feel like reading. But my obsessive tendencies have shifted over into watching a LOT of movies & getting into t.v. (Downton Abbey, anyone? I'M OBSESSED. And I got my friend into it ;D. WIN.)

 Sigh. I love Matthew. He's a good man ♥ Err, where was I?

Right. My short explanation...which isn't so short anymore. Oops xD I have a few more things I'd like to say but I'll say them in another post. (I promise it's not bad!) Anyway, if you're back in school or work I hope it's been good and if it hasn't, that it'll get better.

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