Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday five

1.) This week felt like it dragged on. Was it like that for anyone else? I'm so grateful that it's Friday, hah.

2.) I seem to spend more and more time on tumblr. It's a fun place to be and I post there more often so if any of you have a tumblr or if you just want to check it out... ;)

3.) Amazingly, I'm reading something that's not school-related (it's a nice vacation for my brain after cramming for midterms (I have one left. *cries*)). I'm taking my time reading Anthony John's Five Flavors of Dumb but omgoodness, it's so GOOD. Piper is an awesome MC and I really like how the author handles the two themes of music and deafness. It's something I haven't come across in YA and I hope there'll be more stories like this. If anyone knows of any YA books with mentions of Deaf culture, let me know!

3.) Has anyone here ever heard of Sugar from The Rumpus? If you haven't, I highly recommend checking out her column. I knew of her before but I didn't start reading her advice column until around the beginning of this year maybe? Either way, she's an incredible writer and more than one of her posts has made me cry. :')

4.) Susan Dennard posted her weekly Publishing Industry Lowdown and like always I get REALLY excited when I read about the latest publishing deals... I'm especially intrigued by this one:

"Richard Farr’s young adult TONGUES, first in a series of supernatural, pop-science thrillers for teens, about a 16 year-old boy thrown into an international game of survival after his father, the world’s foremost linguist, discovers a terrible secret about the origin of human language – and the non-human “Architects” who created it, in a three-book deal." (source)

My eyes widened at the mention of LINGUIST. Then my heart did a happy dance, hehe.

5.) Not that this is important but I'm dying to know who A is on Pretty Little Liars (is it more than one person? Because I keep thinking it's a girl but that episode where A punched the car mirror? That punch looked like it came from a guy). The wait for the season finale has me so impatient! AND THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE COMES OUT NEXT FRIDAY. Holy crap. >_<

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